Is there a mirror universe where Time runs backwards?

Image credit: / WMAP Science Team
Image credit: / WMAP Science Team

Recently, NOVA ran a program on the possibility that the Big Bang created both the Universe we know and a “mirror Universe,” in which Time runs in reverse. It’s a fascinating program. You can see it here.

I have explored something similar in the cosmology of the Fire of Norea trilogy, which I can only hint at right now.

“Let us make mankind in our image.” Remember, an “image” is also a reflection, which suggests the Cosmos and Heaven may be arranged like two mirrors facing one another, “as above, so below,” according to Jewish tradition.

Two mirrors facing one another, an image reflecting itself to infinity, in seemingly opposite directions, yet all of this is an illusion unless viewed from the proper perspective.

This blog contains excerpts and commentary from the developing the novel, beginning with “excerpt 1”: Fire of Norea: From Ashes, first excerpt. A new blog will be published periodically, up until publication. Please leave feedback, this is a work in progress! Thank you for your interest.
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