Author Thomas Didymus considers himself “gnostic”, basically meaning to have an objective/inquisitive view of the world of dualistic perception created by language. Having written numerous short stories since childhood, he finally decided to get off his arse and write something of general import (or, at the very least, volume) to validate his claims of being an author. The project, generally referred to as “Fire of Norea”, has grown into a trilogy. The first volume, From Ashes, should be completed in late 2015/early 2016, an ebook version made available shortly after.

The “Fire of Norea” series chronicles the life and adventures of Norea, a fire-breathing prophet raised during the 1980s under the umbrella of an Evangelical media empire orchestrated by a secret fundamentalist cabal. Angels, demons, giants, monsters and angry theosophists populate the many pages of this religious fantasy, where the taboos of religion, politics and historical revisionism collide in the remote darkness of a twisted imagination. Unleashing this fantasy on the unsuspecting public will fill him with much glee, even if the response is to be a chorus of crickets, the sound and fury of his spent passion bearing nothing.

I (the author who has been referring to himself in the third person via the labyrinthine mirror quality of language) only want to tell the story that must be told. After that, the child is born and lives in the world as she will.

If interested, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter! To explore the novel, you might begin with Fire of Norea: From Ashes, first excerpt. Please leave feedback, as this is a work in progress. Thank you for your interest.

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