What you need to know before assuming anything about religion

Source: http://www.wadsworth.com/religion_d/special_features/popups/maps/maps_f.html
Source: http://www.wadsworth.com/religion_d/special_features/popups/maps/maps_f.html

Martyn Oliver posted this blog last August about the reality of religious diversity within and outside one’s own tradition. It’s valuable information for everyone, to deepen our understanding of the world around us and to begin a journey of strengthening our relationships through diversity rather than alienating ourselves from one another because of assumptions about belief.

This blog contains excerpts and commentary from the developing the novel, beginning with “excerpt 1”: Fire of Norea: From Ashes, first excerpt. A new blog will be published periodically, up until publication. Please leave feedback, this is a work in progress! Thank you for your interest.

For more information, please visit our Official Fire of Norea Facebook PageTwitterOfficial Site or introductory blog post “Who or What is Fire of Norea?”


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