The French Connection: combining Camus and Bourdieu to explain “alternative facts”

"Who are you going to believe, me or your own eyes?" The internet widely attributes this quote to Groucho Marx, but the gist of the joke is that the line was spoken by Chico Marx, while dressed as Groucho. In a movie (Duck Soup, 1933). In other words, you cannot trust what you see or... Continue Reading →


Playing with the novel on a Sunday morning: excerpt

The cool blue 225's V8 rumbled comfortably down the highway, the Electra rocking gently over every dip like old bedsprings on wheels. Reverend Wat's feet dangled above the rear floorboard, the toes of his Italian wing-tips brushing against the vinyl cover of the front bench seat. Kumiko sighed and stretched periodically, her head brushing the... Continue Reading →

Ode to Snowflakes 

My old friend Burke Hicks has a knack for homespun wisdom that casts a humorous light on current events. I had to share his latest: Just a few thoughts about those who war lord Bannon likes to refer too as snowflakes. The ones I know:  Ain't the least bit scared of blowhards.  Know as much... Continue Reading →

Bernie Embodies the Gospel of Matthew at Liberty University: Why This is So Important

My writing from the now-defunct archives, September 2015 On Monday, September 14, Senator Bernie Sanders spoke to the students of Jerry Falwell's Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, a stalwart conservative Republican soapbox since Reagan’s speech in October, 1980. Make no mistake: this is a monumental event and one that exemplifies the "Bernie brand" for... Continue Reading →

Novel Excerpt: Berea, KY

A rare day off, so I finally get to work on my novel. The first appearance of Reverend What and Kumiko Yasinovskaya: Paradise Motel, Berea, KY. Reverend What was a diminutive man. He crossed the threshold from his motel room to the outside world, dressed only in pink-striped pajamas and a jipi fedora, hand-woven by... Continue Reading →

Honor Life

No matter your belief about the afterlife, death is universally understood as the end of all known being. Death gives meaning to life, for life is often mundane, confusing and absurd. Meditate on death in order to live a full life. Face pain in order to experience it honestly. True happiness comes from a full... Continue Reading →

Black Star is Bowie’s dirge

"Where the f--- did Monday go?"-Girl Loves Me, Black Star track 5. Today is Monday. Our little boy screamed throughout the night. I went downstairs to sleep on the sofa around 4am. I rolled onto the floor at 7am and started water for coffee. First thing I see today was my father-in-law texted me: David... Continue Reading →

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