Dreams of Cthulhu

Cthulhu Rising, by http://chocolatebuttons.deviantart.com
Cthulhu Rising, by http://chocolatebuttons.deviantart.com

We all know there are many hyper-dimensional dieties in existence, but Cthulhu is by far the most famous and dreaded, becoming a readily understood symbol with great power. It is as if Lovecraft’s tales weaved a meta-sigil to conjure the god into existence…or, rather, Cthulhu used Lovecraft to conjure Cthulhu into existence, right?

Regardless, I dreamed of a hyper-dimensional being last night and, in my dream I thought it was Cthulhu…not that it was THE Cthulhu, but A Cthulhu, under this god’s umbrella of meaning.

In the dream, I was in a dark room that looked like a nightclub with a hot rod garage theme. I was watching a campy, brightly colored old game show on a television screen made from plumbing pipes painted black.

As the host of the show explained the rules of the next round (a thin, long microphone and salmon-colored placard in his hand), something descended from above.

It was several green tentacle-like tendrils with twisted fronds protruding in asymmetrical fashion. Some of the fingers ended in mal-formed eyes and dark mouths filled with jagged teeth, like lampreys.

The host did not notice at first. When he did, his scream communicated only his inability to accept what he saw. I panicked, knowing that, although this game show had been recorded in the past, the hyper-dimensional being was coming for me now.

I ran to the door, hoping against hope to escape. Outside, a thick, dark forest reached down from above, an incomprehensible mess of being reaching for me, a tiny portion of my nightmare coming into my world from The Other Side, destroying me with madness.

What a wonderful dream!



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  1. I had a dream connected to Cthulhu. The setting is always night, and I live in a dystopian society where we have to play a “game” of deceit and social manipulation to survive. I’m talking to my friend, and I realize he gets very good at the “game,” tricking men of high authority and getting away with it. However, when the conversation veers to me asking him how he’s so good at deceit, he begins to talk that “Cthulhu makes me do it–” and his head turns into an octopus and explodes and falls over. Then I start to see images of this intelligence everywhere, with that low voice saying come to me and do this and that. He says if I don’t do the things he instructs me bad things will happen, I’ll lose my sister or my life or something. He pops up on the tv screens whenever we’re in a “game” and he tells me how to betray my schoolmates and keep gaining up a level in the neighborhood.
    So I’m finally at the top of my game but Cthulhu thought I still had debts to pay (I didn’t think of him as Cthulhu in my dream but an artificial intelligence sentience or something like that. I only made the Cthulhu connection after the octopus references). I couldn’t take it anymore so I decided to confess what was going on, which cthulhu warned I would be sorry if I did. My family asks if I’m experiencing mental trauma and I mention the entity that was manipulating my actions. As soon as I do this I keel over, ragdoll on my couch, my heart beats fast and I can feel the blood in my body turn to a burning froth, my muscles tense and spasm as my body becomes stiff and lifeless. I cannot breath and a foam forms in my throat and I experience what I guess would be a seizure, although I’ve never personally had one before, but in the last moments of my life I whisper “he made me. he made me do it.” then I die. I didn’t awake right away, as I slowly and smoothly transition from the state of my dreamy death to the conscious state of my body against the sheets


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