The French Connection: combining Camus and Bourdieu to explain “alternative facts”

"Who are you going to believe, me or your own eyes?" The internet widely attributes this quote to Groucho Marx, but the gist of the joke is that the line was spoken by Chico Marx, while dressed as Groucho. In a movie (Duck Soup, 1933). In other words, you cannot trust what you see or... Continue Reading →

Norea’s only three years old, but Jeremiah was also a child

Bill slowly sighed. "We all have that power in us, don't we? To build up or destroy the people around us with merely a word." Mr. M smiled wryly. "I'm quite sure I do not know what you're talking about, Mr. Roberts." Bill met his gaze. "The prophet Jeremiah said that when God came to... Continue Reading →

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