The French Connection: combining Camus and Bourdieu to explain “alternative facts”

"Who are you going to believe, me or your own eyes?" The internet widely attributes this quote to Groucho Marx, but the gist of the joke is that the line was spoken by Chico Marx, while dressed as Groucho. In a movie (Duck Soup, 1933). In other words, you cannot trust what you see or... Continue Reading →

Please support Cardiff’s wonderful project:

25 January 2017 “Good morning, Ted. I missed you yesterday.” “Yeah, I got here late, around 11:00. I had a bad night. Do you want to hear something funny? Friday night a guy came by and asked me if I wanted a flat screen TV. I said, ‘Sure!’ He said, ‘Are you going to… via TRUMP... Continue Reading →

The Exegesis of PKD

   I bought this as soon as it came out and finally started reading it this weekend. Although PKD was autodidactic and suffering from any number of possible ailments (including straight up revelations), I'm glad I finished my degree before I started reading it. It makes the task a little less daunting (the book is... Continue Reading →

Getting my Masters Degree: “Write What You Know”

   I'm about to graduate with a degree in Religious Studies. Thursday, I submitted the final paper of my graduate degree: this one an attempt to salvage the reputation of second century Alexandrian Christian (often called "gnostic") Valentinus from the heresiological reports of Church Fathers like Irenaeus and the resulting orthodox historical narrative that shapes... Continue Reading →

Fever dreams

My family has been sick lately, including myself. This keeps me from doing one of the things I love so much about life: writing. Sorry I've been away. What little concentration I've had available for the craft has been focused on my novel, and I now have a backlog of notes for blogs. (Backblogs??) My... Continue Reading →

Dreams of Cthulhu

We all know there are many hyper-dimensional dieties in existence, but Cthulhu is by far the most famous and dreaded, becoming a readily understood symbol with great power. It is as if Lovecraft's tales weaved a meta-sigil to conjure the god into existence...or, rather, Cthulhu used Lovecraft to conjure Cthulhu into existence, right? Regardless, I... Continue Reading →

NaNoWriMo is no time for critics

In fact, write what needs to be written, create what begs to be born, and silence the voices of misunderstanding burning at the edges of your awareness.     This blog contains excerpts and commentary from the developing the novel, beginning with "excerpt 1": Fire of Norea: From Ashes, first excerpt. A new blog will be published... Continue Reading →

Artist Removes One Letter from Famous Movie Titles and Illustrates the Results

Instant classics!


Writer and illustrator Austin Light recently shared a funny series of sketches from his notebook that reimagines movie titles with one letter removed. The idea started on reddit where users were asked to, “Pick a movie, remove one letter, give a brief description“.

As a daily art project, Light took the concept one step further, drawing a scene from the imaginary film. He also penned a brief synopsis for each. You can see the entire album on Imgur. For more from Austin, check him out at the links below.

Website | Twitter | Online store

1. Obocop

The story of how a police officer works through his PTSD and adjusts to his new robotic implants with the help of the sexy soothing sound of his oboe

movie titles with one letter missing illustrated by austin light (1)

Website | Twitter | Online store

2. Rave

One red-haired Scottish girl. One dance floor…

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