Ode to Snowflakes 

My old friend Burke Hicks has a knack for homespun wisdom that casts a humorous light on current events. I had to share his latest:

Just a few thoughts about those who war lord Bannon likes to refer too as snowflakes. The ones I know: 

Ain’t the least bit scared of blowhards. 

Know as much about history as you do, and not from television.

Are about as easy to herd as cats. They think for themselves.

Don’t assume because they don’t go waving around weapons, or bragging about their rights to do so, that they are not armed.

Never think they are afraid of a fight. 

Don’t think because their faith is more of a matter between them and God than a thing to be shouted in public, that their faith is less than yours. 

Here’s a toast to all the snowflakes I know. 

Up yours Lord Bannon.


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