Tip #25: Writing For The 21st Century

I’ve noticed myself doing something when I read a novel which wouldn’t have been possible in the last century, or at least not as easy to do. Are you ever reading a book with a webpage open on your phone or computer at the same time, doing a quick Google search if you encounter something you […]


One thought on “Tip #25: Writing For The 21st Century

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  1. I definitely can relate to this post. When writing my first novel, I kept thinking about my reading experience with “The Waste Land”: it was a pleasure to read, evoking powerful images and hinting and darker mysteries. Following the myriad paths of research provided by the notes, I eventually ended up with a Religious Studies minor! I wanted to write something like that, a book that could be enjoyed at face value, but hinted at deeper mysteries. I considered footnotes and other types of references, and thought that was too pretentious. Then one of my readers responded to an early sample that he had researched many of the names in the text and was surprised to find there was so much actual history in the book. He did exactly what I do, and exactly what you have suggested: Google searching while reading. So, yeah, it’s the 21st century. Just another item to add to the list of why the author should trust the reader. It’s a relationship we must honor: a good bit of the story happens inside the reader’s head.


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