My book is finished!


Well, okay, not really.

Just like Satan and many other fantastic characters, writers are prone to lying. It’s not quite a lie, however, as it is “true”, as writers will often tell you…simply not “fact.”

Grad school ended a mere two months ago, and I had to take a break, adjust to post-grad life, and get back into writing. The last two weeks, I’ve been editing on a meta-scale, looking at the “big picture”, the grand narrative of at least three books and how they connect together. The Word document of my first novel was over 400 pages long, now pared to 385 pages, 186,775 words.

There were sections of the book that hid themselves from me, gray mist lurking in the undeveloped midsection of the novel, but all of that is cleaned up now. I fleshed out chapters, created subheadings and organized my notes. I tied these scenes to sections of books two and three and finished my research for this last task.

For all intents and purposes, the book is now finished. I know what is going to happen, and portions of every chapter have been written. Sure, much of it will be edited, some of it will be discarded…but I know. It’s all there, in my head, I figured it out.

And yes, of course I’ll change my mind along the way…but all that remains is to write it down, whatever I decide is the most true story to tell.


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