Fever dreams


My family has been sick lately, including myself. This keeps me from doing one of the things I love so much about life: writing. Sorry I’ve been away. What little concentration I’ve had available for the craft has been focused on my novel, and I now have a backlog of notes for blogs. (Backblogs??)

My fever dreams have given me wonderful imagery and scene content, though. I’ve gone back to the style of writing required by necessity in a busy, busy life: layered brushstrokes. My book is several hundred words long now, and the story is all in my head. So I get ideas and I add lines here and there throughout an enormous Word document.

I was finally able to do some important edits and rewrites today, so I hope to write a proper blog tomorrow. If so, it could be about how I recently met Satan, or one on the anatomy of a bully, or thoughts on the President’s recent National Prayer Breakfast speech and the conservative backlash against it.

You know, lighthearted subjects like religion and politics.


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