Norea’s only three years old, but Jeremiah was also a child

Jeremiah the Prophet, Rembrandt
Jeremiah the Prophet, Rembrandt

Bill slowly sighed. “We all have that power in us, don’t we? To build up or destroy the people around us with merely a word.”

Mr. M smiled wryly. “I’m quite sure I do not know what you’re talking about, Mr. Roberts.”

Bill met his gaze. “The prophet Jeremiah said that when God came to him, he told God he was nothing but a child. And God answered that he would put His words into a child’s mouth and that with God’s word in his mouth he could destroy whole nations and bring them up again, so terrible was the power of this word. Jeremiah claims that God reached out and touched his lips, planting the word in his mouth: the word of creation and destruction, in the mouth of a child.” He turned to Jennifer and stepped back into the library, so that he could address both of them directly. “I don’t know what you know or think you know about Norea, but rest assured that child is not reluctant to heed her calling. If you are afraid, maybe it’s for good reason.”

Mr. M broadened his smile and crossed his arms. “Is that so, Mr. Roberts? And why should either of us be concerned?”

Bill smiled. “Because I don’t like you and everyone knows it. And coming back from our trip, Norea told me that, in her mind, the voice of God always sounds like me.” He nodded to Jennifer and then to Mr. M, before pushing past him toward the hall. “Good day. Jennifer, I expect you to be gone in the morning.”


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