Cole Explains How the World Really Works

William Blake, The Soul of Man Under Capitalism
William Blake, The Soul of Man Under Capitalism

Cole explains how the world really works in this private conversation with a Senator just before a debate during his re-election campaign:

“To control a man, it is necessary to first convince him that he is free. Otherwise, he will resist. As a result, a few men have worked against one another the last few decades in an effort to shape a narrative of American life, based on an idea of freedom, which best benefits their interests. As Peggy Noonan described her duties in the Reagan White House, ‘Personnel is policy and ideas have consequences and ideas drive politics and it’s a war of ideas.’ Not the most eloquent sentiment to be sure, but she remains a powerful ally in our effort to secure power. Words shape thoughts, Senator; and thoughts drive the man. Behavior is belief, the expression of being, no matter what the mind chooses to perceive about one’s so-called ‘true’ self. A man can believe whatever he likes about himself, so long as he behaves in the way most beneficial to our goals. Do you understand?”

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