Einstein for a new age


There’s a lot to love this week for lovers of all things Einstein. The so-called “Dead Sea Scrolls of Physics,” a series of previously unreleased personal letters written by Albert Einstein, have been digitized and made public by Princeton University. You can access the full collection here.

Among the letters are his views on race relations in America and encouraging words for Marie Curie, the two-time Nobel Laureate, when she was denied a seat on the French Academy of Sciences for undisclosed reasons (possibilities: she was a woman, a Jew or an atheist or both, and was rumored to have a relationship with a man estranged from his wife).

These letters add to the complexity of one of the most important men in modern history. What he is most known for, obviously, is his theory of general relativity. For a great video explaining the theory in simple terms, click here.


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