First look at Norea

Nothing special today, just announcing the launch of the Fire of Norea blog and the Fire of Norea Facebook page. This blog will contain chronological, serialized excerpts of the novel, beginning with “excerpt 1”: First Look: Novel Begins. A new excerpt will be released weekly until the first section of the book is public. For more information, check out Who or What is “Fire of Norea”? and please visit our Official Fire of Norea Facebook Page.    

“Fire of Norea” is the name of the overall trilogy in production. The first book, “From Ashes,” is about 30% completed, with a projected completion date of December 30th. I’ll use this blog to post updates and excerpts from time to time and may even post my musings on religion, politics and current events, as pertains to the target audience of the book series. Please leave feedback and spread the word!

For now, here is the tentative book description I posted on the National Novel Writing Month page:

Norea was a minor character in gnostic circles. Sometimes characterized as the syzygy of Adam, sometimes as his daughter and the wife of Noah, she has been a mystic, a Sibylline Oracle, a prophet, and the physical manifestation of Sophia. In “The Hypostasis of the Archons,” she incinerated the ark after Noah refused to let her board, by breathing fire from her mouth.

In “From Ashes,” Norea is taken from her mother by a cabal of Fundamentalists operating with global governments, raised within an Evangelical media empire. Just before her 30th birthday, the voices start…and then the visions. Plagued by premonitions and strange new powers, Norea goes on a quest to find out who she really is…and discovers a world much more complex than she ever imagined.

Part whimsical fantasy, part study of politics and religion in America, the novel embraces both horror and satire, a road trip through the absurdity of our hypersensitive and polarized culture.


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