Fire of Norea is Published!

This blog contains chronological, serialized excerpts of the novel, beginning with “excerpt 1”: First Look: Novel Begins. A new excerpt will be released weekly until the first section of the book is public. The remainder of the book will be reserved for publication. Please leave feedback, this is a work in progress! Thank you for your interest.

For more information, please visit our Official Fire of Norea Facebook Page.

The story of Norea is nothing if not an enigma, a confounding mystery, a possible ruse encased in esoteric wisdom. 

So what are we to make of the latest development?

After months of behind-the-veil whispers from the publishing industry, a noble chap by the elusive moniker of Mal LaRousse (whoever heard of an agent with a pseudonym?) claims to have solidified an agreement with Gyp books, a subsidiary of the independent fantasy publishing house of Hornswoggle. 

Hornswoggle (if they were known) would be known for gamer spin-offs, primarily fan fiction e-books populated with orcs, faeries, dragons and enough old swords to build a few dozen thrones for George R. R. Martin. In other words, angels and demons are outliers in an already outlying world. 

Still, LaRousse ensures me they are excited, and see the potential for at least three sequels instead of my intended two. They named the Norea genre “biblical pulp fiction…or maybe pulp fiction with a bit of Old Testament wrath, which is really just pulp fantasy without all the cursing.” 

I haven’t signed anything yet, and I’m also under no illusions. If this is the path I need to take to get Norea out to the world, so be it. The world of self-promotion is more illusory than most, and success is a con requiring constant maintenance. 

And once I sign that line, my strings won’t be mine to pull. 


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